Vision and Reaction training helps you improve the following:

Visual Acuity: see objects more clearly

Depth Perception: judge the distance to an object more accurately

Contrast Sensitivity: see the finer details of an object or scene even when the contrast is reduced.

Head/Eye and Foot/Eye Coordination: react to an object with your hands or feet more accurately

Visual-Motor Reaction Time: move to an object quicker

Peripheral Awareness: improve awareness of what is going on around you

Accuracy of Eye Movements: get from one object to the next faster and with better focus


An athlete must gather information quickly and accurately then process it and react. The eyes are the key to gathering the information. Seeing the ball, puck, or seeing another player a millisecond faster could be the difference between making the play and ultimately winning or losing. With Vision Training you will see it faster and process it quicker. Much more importantly, seeing it faster may avoid a traumatic brain injury.



A Typical Vision Training Session

The initial session includes an evaluation of the athlete’s health history along with a brief eye exam and a baseline assessment. The Vision Trainer is then ready to take the athlete through a series of in-office eye exercises and vision-enhancing techniques and custom tailored for each individual athlete and his or her sport.

We allow 45 to 60 minutes for the initial evaluation and approximately 45 to 50 minutes for each subsequent session.

We use a 55-inch touch screen monitor programmed with high-tech computer software designed to improve hand speed, reaction time, tracking and hand-eye coordination.

Our Foot – Eye coordination exercise using the Quick Board is used to increase quickness, agility, strength, foot-eye coordination and reaction time. Both the touch screen and foot board offer instant feedback, motivating the athlete to push and improve their personal best scores. We also create a highly engaging and competitive training environment by replicating game situations utilizing this technology.

We utilize strobe glasses which are designed to train the connections between the athlete’s eyes, brain, and body, developing and improving eye-hand coordination and visual acuity.

We have also incorporated “Seam Trak” into the training for our baseball players. This computer program is designed to help with pitch recognition by tracking the spinning seams of a baseball. The athlete can see 250 pitches in less than 10 minutes.

Athlete’s Edge Vision Training’s affordable, individualized Vision Training sessions give every athlete that “Competitive Edge” to see it faster, process quicker, and see the win.



We provide Vision Training on the road. We can assist you in training your athletes by bringing our equipment and trainers to your location.


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