Frequently Asked Questions

What takes place in a Vision Training Session?

A vision trainer will take the athlete through the vision and reaction areas in our training room. We use a 55-inch touch screen with high-tech computer programs, a Quick Board which allows the athlete to work on foot-eye coordination and foot speed, strobe vision goggles and more.

How long does each session take?

The first session which is the initial evaluation will take approximately 45-60 minutes. Each subsequent session will take approximately 45-50 minutes.

How many sessions are recommended?

It is recommended that an athlete complete 12 sessions. Research has shown that 12 sessions are needed for an athlete to properly improve their vision, reaction time, and strengthen their ocular muscles and make the improvements more permanent.

How many sessions until I see improvement?

Each athlete is different but research shows that athletes will begin seeing improvement around the 4th session.

Should the athlete wear contacts or glasses?

It is recommended that the athlete wear the eyewear they will be using in competition. If the athlete has contacts and glasses it is preferred they wear their contacts, as their glasses may interfere with the strobe goggle part of the session.

Is this a generalized program for all athletes?
  • While there are some parts of the program that all athletes will complete, the program itself is designed to best fit the individual athlete. After the initial session, the vision trainer will decide how best to accommodate the athlete‚Äôs sport, position and other factors in order to give the athlete the best program possible.
  • Each athlete will complete their own individual program dependent upon their own physical and sport factors.
  • As the athlete improves, the program will continuously change in order to challenge the athlete to reach their full potential.
How long will my vision training last after the 12 sessions?
  • Again, each athlete is different but if an athlete continues to complete the exercises given at the end of their 12 sessions they should not see a decline in the progress they have made.
  • While completing the vision session, an athlete is strengthening the muscle in their eye, and like with any muscle it must continue to be exercised regularly.
  • Athletes that do periodic refresher sessions feel this also helps maintain their progress.