I would like to highly recommend Athlete’s Edge vision training. My son Brendan, attended this summer for the first time. He is a 10 year old goalie. I can’t say enough about the experience and the improvements I have seen firsthand. I saw their presentation at my son’s goalie clinic and was intrigued. Brendan like Dr. McKay’s son is a bit on the shorter side, so we needed to work on speed and reaction times.

First, there is no question his reaction times improved in the lab, that is hard data. But, I wanted to see if it translated into improvements on the ice. And the results were obvious to me just observing him myself. Brendan said my mom ” I can see the puck a lot better. ” ” It’s easier to track.” His goalie coach even noticed. So far he is still looking good. I am sure we will do a drop in here and there to keep him sharp with the upcoming season.

The training itself was lots of fun. Brendan loved going. He thought it was a blast and he loved beating his previous records. There are so many different drills to work and he never got bored. Everyone on the staff was outstanding. We felt like we were part of the family. They were all excellent at running the labs, supporting and encouraging Brendan. My questions were always answered and they responded quickly to emails or calls.

There are so many benefits to vision training. It is fun, develops hand/eye coordination and also helps improve a child’s reading. Athlete’s Edge has a flexible schedule and can also be done in groups at a lower cost. I am so happy we gave it a try. I would urge you as a parent to try vision training and see for yourself!

Nancy 8/28/17

My son just finished his sessions and I was very pleased with the results. Ross and his staff were knowledgeable, friendly, worked well with my son and were very patient in answering all of my questions. We saw improvement on the ice after just a few sessions and my son now says it’s as if he sees the puck in slow motion. When he started the training his vision was 20/20 buy by the end he improved to 20/15. I highly recommend it.

My son did this training over the summer and I couldn’t believe the improvements to his vision and reaction speed. No one knows more about training athletes than Ross does. He was a pro hockey player and his son is in his third year of junior hockey. Great staff, fun training!

Dan O, Westmont 12/8/16

Sam had a total of 12 sessions of vision reaction training. I noticed improvements in his goalie skills almost right away. The biggest improvement was made with his glove saves. So much so, people made a point to let us know they noticed he was using his glove effectively and accurately. Sam’s positioning on breakaways and faceoffs improved and his ability to stop the puck on a breakaway significantly increased. When I asked Sam if he thought vision reaction training was helping, his reply was “I can see the puck better and I can find it faster”.

Sam is a better goalie and student because of the vision reaction training. His ability to track the puck has allowed him to stop many scoring opportunities. He has become more self-confident about tracking the puck, his skills in net and at school. It was money well spent and I would do it again in a heartbeat. On Sam’s last day of training, as we were leaving, he asked when he gets to go back again. To me, that is a big complement to this training-Sam felt it was fun and that it helped. He didn’t want it to end.

athy, Countryside


Just a quick note to thank you for my son’s recently completed vision training experience.  He really enjoyed it and the benefit to his on ice play was immediate and obvious.  I was stunned at his level of improvement and I can’t recommend the program highly enough.  My son will be returning. Jeff C. New Lenox