Goalie Vision Training

Vision training is the edge you need to see the puck better, anticipate better, and control rebounds better.

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Now located in the Diamond Edge Academy in Willowbrook, Athletes Edge Vision Training offers goalies the opportunity to work on all aspects of their vision.

We use a high tech computerized 55” screen that helps improve the goalie’s ability to find and focus on a puck quickly, track the puck with better focus, and react to pucks quicker with their hands. We also have a Quick Board that will help goalies improve their foot-eye coordination and foot speed.

These exercises, when combined with fun and challenging drills using special strobe glasses, not only help goalies see the puck better, they also see and read the ice better because their peripheral vision improves.

After completing a vision training program, goalies will ultimately find they see the puck better, anticipate better, and control rebounds better…and have more fun. It should be noted that 12 sessions are recommended to notice improvements becoming permanent.

Vision training can be performed individually or in groups. The individual rate is $60 per session however discounts are available with a prepaid 6 or 12 session package.

As a special offer to Midwest Goalie students, if you use promo code MWGS10 you will receive an additional 10% off any package.

Financing is available.

Questions or to Register, please contact:
Dr. Ross McKay

Athletes Edge Vision Training

Our New Location: Diamond Edge Academy
7850 S. Quincy Street
Willowbrook, IL 60527